Window scantlings

Solid wood window scantling, finger-jointed

Cross section dimensions:
rectangular for sash and stick profiles, adapted to the profile standard according to ÖNORM B 5315 or certain special profiles according to customer requirements.
Delivery: delivery planed or unplaned. A planing loss of 3 mm is to be expected for smaller and 4 mm for larger cross-section dimensions.
Lengths: up to a maximum of six metres
Bonding with glue of the stress group D4 according to ÖNORM EN 204 (waterproof) and proof of temperature resistance up to 80° C by testing according to WATT '91.
Wood quality:
precisely regulated in the directive "Massive, finger-jointed and laminated profiles for wooden windows"
Fields of application:
String windows, natural wood windows *, wood-aluminium windows

Laminated window scantlings, central ply wedge-jointed

Cross-sectional dimensions: as above, L- and Z-shaped edge profiles can also be produced to minimise loss from planing
Fixed length to customer specification
Characteristics: see above
Fields of application: string windows, natural wood windows

Laminated window scantlings, finger-jointed top and middle layer

Characteristics: see above
Fields of application: String windows, natural wood windows *

* According to ÖNORM B 2217 "Joinery work", finger-joints may be used on the visible surface of non-surfacing coatings after agreement with the customer.

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